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Is it time for you to renovate or upgrade your kitchen? Your local Bundall Home Maintenance service can handle all renovations and maintenance needs for your kitchen. They can do a wide range of kitchen renovations and upgrading jobs, from leaking faucets to whole plumbing systems, from cabinets to splashback installation. Our kitchen renovations team are trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable about whatever renovations and maintenance are needed.
We provide a choice of kitchen renovation services, depending on the scale of your project and budget. Bundall Home Maintenance can do everything from resurfacing countertops, repairing and repainting cabinets, and remodelling a kitchen to make it more efficient and functional for your needs. From layout to renovation, to the cabinets and countertops, to the lighting fixtures and flooring, and every finishing touch, the company will make sure to provide high quality services.
Whatever design, style, or size, Bundall Home Maintenance can definitely handle your preferred kitchen makeover. From a small apartment kitchen to a large outdoor cookhouse or open plan kitchens, we at Bundall Home Maintenance are the specialist in kitchen renovations and remodelling. We guarantee to only utilise the highest quality materials, parts, and equipment for your dream kitchen and we source them from the best manufacturers in the market.
We communicate with our clients from start to finish, and even after the projects are done, we make sure that your kitchen renovation is orderly and functional. With our aftersales support team, you can rely on us to provide only the highest quality kitchen renovation services.

Reasons why you should renovate your kitchen

These are just a few of the concerns we frequently hear. And maybe you have your reasons for renovating or remodelling your kitchen. Often, clients want to relocate fixtures, repair and remodel their cabinets and benchtops, change the design of the kitchen, and many other expensive plans. Others are renovating because they want to put the house on the market. To update the look of your kitchen, maybe what you need is one of the custom renovations, cosmetic renovations, or removing and reinstalling renovation services.

Different Types of Kitchen Renovations

Custom Renovation

This kind of renovation would be necessary if you wanted more space, or to modify the design of your kitchen completely. With a custom kitchen renovation, you usually need to improve the function of the kitchen that would suit your style or preference. Redesigning the layout of your kitchen is part of this renovation.

Removing and Reinstalling Renovations

The removing and reinstalling renovation takes the cosmetic renovation one step further. This type of renovation includes removing objects and reinstalling them in their original locations. This kitchen renovation often entails removing existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones in the same position. This means your sink, refrigerator, and stove will remain in the same location, and your kitchen layout will remain unchanged. As part of this renovation, you can change cabinets, hardware, worktops, splash back, light fixtures, appliances, and flooring.

Cosmetic Renovation

A cosmetic kitchen renovation is a simple renovation that replaces items that can easily be removed. They might include a new counter, a new tiled splash back, new kitchen equipment, new hardware on cabinet doors and drawers, or a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen. Cosmetic kitchen renovations are typically the type you would do if you were to sell your home and you need just a few things to upgrade before you put your house on the market.

Bundall Home Maintenance for your ideal Kitchen Renovation

Own a kitchen that you will enjoy! Bundall Home Maintenance specialists provide the latest designs with high quality materials and finishes.

Bundall home maintenance specialises in upgrading and renovating kitchens. Furthermore, we only utilise the highest quality parts, equipment, and materials. We get them from the best manufacturers in the market. You can rest assured that our team does excellent work. We can turn any kitchen into a stylish and functional place, regardless of its size. What’s more, our services are cost effective.
Throughout the construction of your kitchen, you can expect regular updates from our project managers, who check the progress daily. Following the completion of the project, our aftersales staff will follow up with you to ensure that everything is functioning and that you are happy with your new kitchen.
Let Bundall Home Maintenance assist you with renovating and constructing your kitchen. We specialise in complete kitchen renovations, from design, customised production to installation and construction. Share your ideas with us, and we will handle the rest.
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