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Bundall Gold Coast Queensland Australia has a subtropical climate with around 300 days of sunshine each year. Many homeowners have decided to take advantage of this by creating an outdoor recreation area where they can socialise at any time throughout the year.
One of the best things about living in Bundall is having an alfresco kitchen where you can cook and eat in the beautiful weather. There is no place that is more enjoyable for you than a comfortably renovated Alfresco kitchen, where you can enjoy the privacy of your backyard and just relax. Bundall home maintenance is ready to help you build and create an alfresco kitchen space to enjoy meals with friends and family outside in a beautiful outdoor environment.
What kind of alfresco or outdoor building services can Bundall Home Maintenance provide?
  • Creating a luxury alfresco kitchen area
  • Constructing and Installing Outdoor Furniture
  • Remodelling Your Outdoor Living Area
  • Repairing and Installing Outdoor Lighting
  • Installing an Outdoor Heater
  • Painting the outdoor area
  • and you can think of anything else!

An Alfresco kitchen is usually a great idea, particularly in Australia, where the climate allows you to use it all year. A simple outdoor kitchen is provided with a barbeque grill, a sink, and a fridge, but there are many more features to bring your alfresco kitchen to the next level. One of the important things to consider when planning an alfresco kitchen is what features you want in the area. It can be a simple or a sophisticated feature with similarities to the facilities you have inside your home. Whichever of these you plan on, your construction still depends on your budget and the space you have.

Things to consider when constructing an Alfresco kitchen!

Best Location for an Alfresco Kitchen

If you want to create an alfresco kitchen, think about the best place to locate it. It’s becoming increasingly popular to create a kitchen that mirrors the indoors.

Add a smoker and a pizza oven to your new alfresco kitchen

It is important to get the functionality first when you want to create an alfresco kitchen. There are many other appliances that you might want to include in the space, but a basic outdoor kitchen contains a grill, a sink, and a fridge. A range hood, pizza oven, smoker, deep fryer or hotplate are popular options.

Benchtops and Cabinetry

Make sure your chosen cabinetry and benchtop are suited for the purpose. Even though some outdoor kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and benchtops are suited for noncovered areas, they are not totally weather resistant or waterproof. When choosing a benchtop, durability is more important, especially if your kitchen is exposed to the weather.

  • Considering the unpredictable nature of the weather, you may want to consider some outdoor heating options when deciding to create an alfresco kitchen.
  • Electricity and running water are both required for a complete outdoor kitchen, so make sure of this when planning to create an outdoor kitchen.
  • A charcoal grill might be an addition or an alternative to your gas barbeque or electric BBQ grilling set up.

Do you need to create an alfresco kitchen? Bundall Home Maintenance handles and considers everything you need when constructing and creating your ideal alfresco kitchen. Hire our team right now!

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